Childcare Centre Nurseries & Day Care Shettleston Glasgow
Childcare Centre Nurseries & Day Care Shettleston Glasgow
Childcare Centre Nurseries & Day Care Shettleston Glasgow
Childcare Centre Nurseries & Day Care Shettleston Glasgow
Childcare Centre Nurseries & Day Care Shettleston Glasgow

Nursery in Shettleston - Rising Stars Academy Street

We are a Glasgow City Council Partnership Nursery and are situated within The East End Health Promotions Building within the Shettleston Area of Glasgow. Rising Stars Academy Street is an open planned nursery which is well maintained including our fully enclosed large outdoor Garden Area and Car Park facility.

At Rising Stars Academy Street our vision is to provide a safe, stimulating learning environment. We value and respect children and families and recognise that they have the right to have their voices sought, heard and acted upon. We recognise all children and parent/carers as individuals with differing needs.

Nursery Aims
• Create a positive ethos
• Provide a safe, secure environment to allow children to learn through play inline with Pre birth to 3 documentation.
• Through Curriculum for Excellence develop children’s learning using their interests and existing knowledge.
• Encourage independence and self confidence in children
• Ensure all children’s needs are met
• Encourage equal opportunities, self respect and respect for others.
• Be aware of other cultures and religions within the wider community.
• Promote all learning opportunities both indoors and outdoors.
• Continue to monitor the quality of the care we provide using Child at the Centre 2 and feedback from Parent/Carers

Parent/Carer Involvement
Our Open Door Policy ensures Parent/Carers have access to visiting our establishment at any time of the day.
Parent/carers and staff all complete various questionnaires allowing us to pay attention to areas we are doing well in and also areas for development. Through our parent/carer meetings we encourage parent/carers to voice new ideas and participate in workshops on the learning we provide for their children.

Opening times and holidays
We charge for 50 weeks per year.

Nursery Facilities
Rising Stars Academy Street caters for children from 6 weeks until 5 years old. There are three open planned rooms, The Messy Munchkins, The Moonbeams and The Little Sunflowers. These rooms cater for particular age groups and areas of development.

• The Messy Munchkin's (0-2 room)
The baby room can hold 5 babies with a staff ratio of one to three. Priority is given to providing a safe, calm atmosphere where babies can experience various sensory activities in line with the Pre Birth to 3 document. The room has a changing area located at the back and beds are provided for sleep times. Links with home life ensure babies routines are consistent.

• The Moonbeams (2-3 room)
Our 2-3 room holds 7 children with a staff ratio of one to five. Children’s learning is based on the Pre Birth to 3 document and children become more confident and independent individuals while enjoying  various learning experiences.

 • The Little Sunflowers (3-5 room)
Our 3-5 room can hold up to 20 children at any one time with a staff ratio of one to eight. The staff work from the Curriculum for Excellence Document. Children’s Learning is focused on their interests and existing knowledge and is very much children led. In addition staff plan structured activities to ensure children experience a wide variety of Learning Experiences.

All rooms operate a key worker system, which will ensure your child is offered suitable learning experiences and the highest quality of care. Parent/carers are fed back to on a daily basis through communication books or verbally. We have a spacious and secure outdoor garden which all children have access to. The children use this for free play or outdoor learning experiences.

Rising Stars Academy Street Manager is Caragh MacDonald who is fully qualified with 17 years Childcare Experience and 12 years Managerial Experience. Sharon Lyle is our Senior Early Years Worker who is also fully qualified and has 12 years Childcare Experience.

All staff within the rooms are fully qualified, with either a HNC, SVQ3 OR N.N.E.B in childcare and education with numerous years of experience. We also provide a workplace for modern apprentice students who assist our staff and are working towards their qualification.

Staff receive regular training to keep them up to date and further their existing knowledge on policies, procedures and regulations. All staff are enhanced disclosed by the PVG scheme and registered with SSSC. Staff are also trained in specific areas, for example First Aid, Child Protection, Fire Safety etc.

Rising Stars Academy Street promotes healthy eating through our Healthy Eating Policy. All lunches and snacks are prepared freshly on the premises by our Catering Assistant. Our menus provide a variety of healthy lunches and snacks and are rotated on a three weekly basis and are reviewed regularly with the consultation of parents/carers and children and Oral Health Dietician.


Weekly fee Daily fee 1/2 day fee
£170 £35 £18.50

In addition to the above charges we also offer pre school partnership sessions of 3 hours 10 minutes per day for children aged 3-5 years.

Rising Stars Academy Street
22 Academy Street
Glasgow G32 9AA
0141 274 3773

Contact us
We have nursery locations throughout Glasgow so please contact us now on 0141 274 3174/3176/3180/3179, Email us or simply fill in out online Enquiry Form for childcare places or for more information regarding any of our nurseries.