Rising Stars Commercial Road - Nursery in the Gorbals

Rising Stars Commercial Road is a bright, colourful, well maintained, purpose built nursery with an additional outdoor play area.

We are situated within the Adelphi Centre at 12 Commercial Road, Gorbals, adjacent to the new Gorbals Leisure Centre. The location of the nursery is near Glasgow city centre - within a 10 minute walk. Parking facilities are also available, aiding the safe transfer of children to and from the nursery. Our highly motivated team, made up of qualified and vetted staff, are fully committed to providing high quality childcare.

Vision & Aims

Rising Stars Commercial Road main objectives are to nurture and develop each child's natural abilities and to make their experience here as happy and rewarding as possible. All our children are cared for as individuals, irrespective of age and ability and in accordance with our Equal Opportunities policy.

At the same time our nursery provides a safe, secure environment for new and exciting experiences where children are encouraged to develop ad express themselves. Children learn through play and it is important they enjoy their early learning experiences. Fun and laughter are essential ingredients in this process. Rising Stars Commercial Road is a quality childcare resource. All staff are fully vetted and registered with SSSC to ensure the care of your child is delivered to the highest possible standards.


We cater for children from six weeks up to the age of five and have three separate areas within the nursery to accommodate all age groups.

• The baby room can accommodate up to 14 babies and the staff ratio for this room is 1:3.
• The 2-3 room can accommodate up to 18 children and the staff ratio for this room is 1:5
• The 3-5 pre-school room can accommodate up to 24 children and the ratio for this room is 1:8.

Rising Stars - Nurseries and Childcare

Rising Stars - Nurseries and Childcare

Rising Stars - Nurseries and Childcare

Cloakroom & Toilet Facilities

We have a large outdoor play area at the rear of the property. The children can run around, let off steam, play ball games and be involved in any of our outdoor activities. A video entry system operates to ensure your child’s safety and protection. Parking facilities are available aiding a safe transfer of children to the nursery.

Inspection Report

The Scottish Commission for the Regulation of Care inspects Rising Stars Commercial Road on a regular basis. our reports are displayed on our Parents' Notice Board at all times. All visitors are welcome to read through our Reports. Our relationship with our Commission Officer is excellent and we enjoy a healthy, supportive working relationship.

Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to comment on the services provided through questionnaires and discussion. We have a comments page which can be found on the website. Childrens progress reports are published twice yearly. Parents are invited into the service to take part in activities such as storytelling and messy play. We operate an open door policy where our parents are free to come and speak to us at anytime. We pride ourselves in that the relationships we have with our service users have been built on trust.

Nursery Facilities

Babies (6 Weeks to 2 Years)

At Rising Stars Commercial Road we offer 14 full time places for this age group. This room has been carefully planned to create a warm, secure environment. It is completely self contained with its own separate changing and sleeping areas. We have recently developed our Sensory Room which babies have access to daily. A comfortable, homely atmosphere is provided by our staff, who will encourage all aspects of your child's development. Your baby will have his or her own routine on starting nursery, but will soon become accustomed to nursery life.

Children (2 to 3 Years)

Accommodation for this age group is 18 and creatively arranged to ensure that all stages of your child's development are met. We aim to work in accordance with the Birth to Three framework & operate a Keyworker System i.e. staff members who are specifically responsible for your child's development and progress. Feedback from key workers to parents / carers happens on a regular basis.

Children (3 to 5 Years)

Accommodation for this age group is 24 and at this stage, activities become more structured and opportunities are given to enhance learning skills through various types of play involving music, storytelling, sand, water, glue, paint, dressing up, physical play and many more facets of play.
Equipment has been selected to encourage numeracy, literacy and colour skills while your children’s social skills are developed through group play or joining their friends for snacks, lunch or cultural celebrations.

In the Pre-school Year, your child will be encouraged to develop further skills which will enhance their independence and prepare them for school life ahead. We aim to focus on pre school activities in accordance with the curriculum for Excellence and Child at the centre.


The nursery manager - Janice Johnstone - is a qualified nursery nurse with a Management qualification. All other staff are N.N.E.B., H.N.C. or S.V.Q. level 3 qualified or working twards qualification. All staff have gone through an Enhanced Disclosure and medical checks, work and personal references have been taken up to ensure the safety of your child. Regular training is given to upgrade existing skills and encourage personal development. Qualified first aiders are on site to ensure prompt response in the event of any accident or injury.

Admissions Policy

Children are admitted to Rising Stars Commercial Road on a “first come, first served basis”. A waiting list is in operation and places will be allocated from this.


We encourage our children to eat healthy foods by providing them with a well balanced lunch as well as healthy snacks throughout the day. Menus can be found displayed on the wall in the main foyer. Menus rotate on a four weekly cycle and are reviewed regularly in consultation with parents/carers.

Nursery Fees

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Duty of Candor

All health and social care services in Scotland have a duty of candour. Please view our report below.

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